Friday, May 30, 2008

Right Now

This blog starts from today, June 30, 2008. However, we will be moving backward and forward explaining how we got to this point and exploring our future. It is Friday, our favorite day of the week. The evening is loaded with talking heads and it is a chance to kick back for those who have the weekend off. Just now, I have to go let the dogs out, so I will stop back later and let you know how my day is developing.

Well, yes, the dogs, they are all out. First a little weeding and then vaccum the big dog house. Good timing, since I want to wash their beds. Then I clipped the vines off the last blooming Wisteria. I will try to get some pictures of our urban cabin to share with you. Jenny really considers this her lab for different experiments about living and working. Jenny has a lot of things she wants to share from the dogs to the original idea (the inspiration), the key to our life style: Our garden; furniture and interior designs; and other creative work or building projects we may engage in. Right now we are working on some curtains for the shed and reworking some of the electrical for air conditioning and ceiling fans.

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