Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Firebush, Winterthur, & Bad Dogs

Yeah, I found the Texas Firebush in California. After spending hours and even trying distributors of plants who had no way to ship, I found a grower in CA who had the plants and could ship them. It was an interesting experience to find the source on one of the last pages of the search. Thankfully I went to the end after trying the first few pages without success. I ordered 6 plants and will be pleased to receive them, hopefully next week.

My new friend, Susan Newton, at Winterthur Museum is trying ever so hard to find the room I saw some decades ago and then in the 90's. But she and I have not been able to connect over the right room yet. She keeps sending me photos of Early American rooms, but none are the one I remember. That may seem strange, but there really are a huge number of rooms at the museum. It is worth checking out if you are in the Wilmington, Delaware area.

Those devilish youngsters are up to their old tricks this morning. I still can't figure out who is stealing the box of plastic bags we so strategically place out of reach. Somehow they manage to balance on the stairs to the lower level and reach through the railing to the porch to get the goods. It is about the 4th time this has happened, so I reckon we will have to come up with a new hiding place. We had a big storm yesterday and the box got wet. They just love cardboard and the glue that is used with it. Go figure.

Yesterday mid-day, just after I migrated upstairs to work, I was summoned back downstairs by strange noises. It sounded like someone had a bamboo pole they were playing with. It turned out to be the one who trouble collides with on a regular basis, Raffles. He had both of the covers off of our chairs at the kitchen table. The chairs were pushed in, because he regularly gets into the chair to have a better look outside or at what is left on the table. Well, the noise turned out to be a box of wine under my drafting table downstairs. He had a few bottles of wine out and was playing with them. He got his, and his companions' behinds tossed out the door which was sumarily closed behind them. This is one reality about Afghan Hounds. They can take a little while to grow up... like 3 years, especially Raffles. I have had young ones who were angels and others who were busy. Raffles obivously got to work the minute I left the floor. His reward was a big chicken dinner with sweet potatoes and pumpkin.

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