Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Long Time Coming, Jack Plans a Vacation

Jack's going on vacation. That's not Jack on the right...yet. But in 12 days, eight hours and 29 minutes it might well be. Needed. Campsite troute recipes, bear discouragement strategies, and stories by Green Creek Alumni. Storage trunks have been searched, new gear to fill the gaps has been purchased, plane tickets procured and planning is in full swing. Oh yes, the campsite rules. Rule #1. No cell phones. Rule #2. No girls. (OK, Exception to Rule 2, the host's understanding distaff and trouble-prone progeny will be allowed in for the Independence Day weekend.) Rule #3. No more rules. A report will be issued within one week from return. Photographs of Green Creek Wildlfe Area courtsey of Jim Swanson.

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