Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shed & Garden

Today is like all others. By the time I get moving to take pictures, the dogs are at rest. So, I decided to mosey around the yard and get some garden pictures. First thing that caught my eye was my shed. It still needs trim around the windows, but I got the curtains up. Our shed sets at the back corner of our yard and was installed along with a fence to keep the dogs and the neighbors out of each other's hair. I thought the shed would create a good sound barrier to their house and solid fencing would keep the Afghan Hounds from seeing the Jack Russell Terrier scooting around the yard. By the way, check out our new blog list--the blog shedworking. Don't know if this was in the back of my mind all along, but I guess it isn't a new idea. Not only does the shed overlook the garden, but it also overlooks the dog exercise area, so our live art, the Afghan Hounds, are in view.

Then for a spin around the yard to see if there are any interesting plantings to share. My justification for no grass, was the complaint about grass cutting from Jack. We didn't have much, so I decided to get rid of it. Our entire place is planted with anything other than grass. Then I heard that cutting the grass one time can create as much pollution as driving from Washington, DC to New York City about 8-9 hours round trip. Now there is a good reason not to have grass. A few plantings are blooming, like the spontaneous Petunia, the Lavender, and the Japanese Iris; but we are waiting for many things coming along like the Hydrangea in the background to the right.

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