Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dog Days

Boy, has it been hot in Washington, DC! And my white bitch, Ethel, is screeming, which she has done every time I come up to the computer. The problem is not only the heat, but she is due to come in season and always acts strange before. We are supposed to get storms tonight and along with it a break in the weather. It has been all we can do to pass the days. It is not unusual to have a hot spell in June here. I tried doing some grooming today on a volunteer who happened into my range. Ferninand had been scraching his ear, so I figured it needed a cleaning. When I got him up on the groooming table I discovered he needed brushing expecially on one side with matts and little pieces of bamboo in his coat. It was just awlful the heat, the hair, and a dirty dog.

I heard from my friend Susan Newton at Winterthur yesterday. She had spoken with Charles Hummel, their curator emeritus, to see if he could figure out which room I had seen. I am just so surprised how much trouble they are having finding the room I described. I am also surprised how much they are trying to help. I think I will try a plan of the room, scan it, and send it along; and see if they can figure it out from there.

Finally, the weather broke last night and it is reasonable here now. I wanted to get some pictures of Ethel and Raffles, but by the time I picked up the run at noon the dogs were all at rest. I will have to try in the morning. I decided to make do with this picture from the museum at Winterthur.

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