Thursday, January 29, 2009

View From The Suburbs

Yes, folks our government is still fighting amongst themselves even after the Republicans have left office. When will we see our way to really move forward. One has to wonder at the issues underlying the problem with delaying to switch to digital TV. We bought a new TV and antenna that get the digital signals; but we are still dependent on broadcast when the signal is not stable, like when a helicopter flies over. I for one don't wish to add another residual expense with cable or satellite, so we appreciate the idea of a delay, since we still have a need for the broadcast signal. We are hopeful we will not have to pay for TV reception in the end. In this day and age looking to cut expenses and pay down our debt we don't need to be adding monthly bills.

This reminds me how cable was promised at start up 'for a fee for service, there would be no advertising'. We have never signed up for cable because this promise was short lived. Why do people, lemmings, pay for service only to receive so much advertising?

Back to the House vote on the digital delay, why was the special rule for the 2/3's vote to delay the coversion to digital instituted? What was the involvement of the Obama transition team's intervention, the Republicans blame the intial defeat on? How does the purchase by AT&T Inc and Verizon Communications for licenses for $16 billion worth of spectrum freed up by the switch have to do with it? Just some of the questions I as a lay person have, but not the time to persue it.

One has to really hope that the Republicans have the best interest of the American public, which I doubt, at heart and not the interests of big business or just complicating the Obama administration to move the country forward in the hope to promote Republican interests for the next election.

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