Monday, February 23, 2009

Studio Transition

Any artist knows what a transformational experience is to clean up and organize your studio. I never realized the importance until I was taking a class many years back and the instructor, who was a fine art wood sculptor, talked about getting ready for a show and how nice it was when the shop was a mess afterward to clean and straighten it up. I suddenly realized I had the same experience when I would finish a design project; always trying to meet a deadline and when complete, enjoyed picking up. I just had not ever realized that it was a positive activity toward beginning something new.

Yesterday, I finally got back to a long term project rearranging my studio. It seems the last few years my drafting tables have become a 'collect all' for all of my various projects. The work surfaces are hard to use when they are covered with everything. It is good to remind myself that a sound principle of design is a job of editing. In other words, 'good design is a case of cutting down not adding too'. The only hard part of this is the numerous supplies and design/art ideas I want to hold on to. It would be easy to throw everything away; the hard thing is to determine what is important to keep. Having kept a studio for decades makes this a time consuming process to go through it all. It is good to be turning over a new leaf.

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