Thursday, March 12, 2009

Something Blue

Rare, but one of my favorite colors in the garden is blue. I wanted to take note of a few of the blues in my garden that I photographed last July. I was inspired when I noticed a little blue flower in the morning, which turned out to be some blue potatoes I planted last year, now blooming. I probably planted them too late as they were in the back garden, which only gets about 4 hours of good sun. It was interesting to see there was nothing when I dug them up.

Two of my favorite blue plants are Hydrangeas. There are apparently dozens of Hydrangea types. Both of ours are blue. We also have a Hydrangea tree that is white. We accidentally tried to kill it, when we built a deck around it a few years back. It was quite old, but it seems to be coming back. The blue Hydrangea are great because they require little more than left over coffee grounds and produce many large blossoms of rich, long lasting color. Dead blooms need to be cut back only to new buds, or to trim plants leaving plenty of new buds.

I have also supplemented bringing blue into the garden with blue glazed pots. I have some footed ones on the deck. The feet keep the area under the deck from staying too wet.

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