Saturday, June 6, 2009

Onyx in the Wind, A Friesian Stallion

O.K. here is my horse, he is a registered Friesian Stallion. A friend said he looks kinda cobby, as in a cobby horse? He is somewhat Baroque. I have to admit I am smitten with him. I feel like I have once again discovered LOVE!

His other mother admits he is chunky. I think he has great balance in that he is big but doesn't look it; he is not skittish; is playful; and yet has the presence of a stallion.

This video is from my recent visit to Montana. Where the mountains are a wonder with snow in May; the air is clear; the river and irrigation canals are abundant with water; and the animals are enjoying the spring. It was a wonderful 2 week retreat and visit.

I am so glad I got some video and stills. I got up this morning and I could see 'this' horse in my back yard, wondering if he likes bamboo. That black looks so good against all of that green. Now I am going to put on my boots that still have Montana shit on them. There is more that one way to get back to Montana.

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