Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ita Rests His Head

Here is our young dog, Ita. Every dog is different. This one has a sense of humor and a very heavy head. He can be caught resting it just about anywhere from the shop vac to a stool. Here he is posing for the camera, resting it on the back of a chair. It is a perfect fit, his neck and head along the curve of the chair. It makes perfect sense. You're alert but you don't have to hold your head up.

Here he is with a new take on how to use the side chairs around our table, that he is resting his head on above.  Yeah, we got a lot of dogs and we try to accommodate everyone as best we can.  On one rainy day Ita decided to sit on one of the side chairs.  I was sitting on the opposite side of the table.  Next I noticed he had his head on one of the other chairs.  He is know to rest his head in a lot of places; but this was new, now he was also resting his butt.

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