Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Flowers

Poppy, from my aunt/godmother's garden when I was a child.

Peony, from my aunt/godmother's garden when I was a child.

Planter Boxes, just planted. Incorporating my theory of color and white and/or black.
We will see how they look later in the season.

Siberian Iris

We have a lot of weeds, but enjoy lots of blooms and still life settings created around the yard. Every year I enjoy mixing it up. This year we created a still life setting in a section of the dog run we wanted to keep the dogs out of because it doesn't drain well. Much of our backyard is covered with a bamboo forest. We have lots of ceramic pots collected when a pot buying mode was in vogue a few years back. We have planted many of them with perennials, evergreens, herbs, and other plants that are hardy to our zone 7. We keep a few for flowers to perk up an area that might need a spot of color. But once set up it leaves us with easy gardening for the spring.


Anonymous said...

I got 5 blooms on my peony this year - worth the wait!

Jenny said...

I find the really like sun and these next to concrete suggests sweet soil, perhaps?