Friday, March 9, 2012

Next Generation Blogging

Next Generation Blogging

As a novice blogger I am thinking about where I am going next.  I recently bought a new domain name for a new design/art blog (not web design), and I am thinking about 3 things while I am trying to get my design and content concepts organized.  As a non-techie first and second challenges are web hosting and blogging/website software; and then thinking about how those 2 things marry up.  Last thing which I pretty much have decided about is having a secure site.

I have had some problems with my Blogger blog here and is so frustrating not to be able to get anyone on the phone to communicate my concerns with and get things straightened out; and yet Google is calling me through contractors for advertising and first page listing on searches; but I can't get my original concerns straightened out.  I need support.

I found this site "Next Generation Blogging" very well designed and I actually learned quite a bit with my visit to their site about search engines, Google and had a chance to look at several well designed blogs.  Their Blogussion Skin is well designed and easy to understand.  Check these guys out, they have my recommendation as a site to see.


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