Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Smart Meters

There was a recent Flurry of Activity on our neighborhood list over Smart Meters.  The following was my reaction and posting after hearing all the chatter and concerns from health to increasing electrical bills.

It seems to me that these meters were originally installed by the power company and that they own them.  We got the meter when we bought and moved into our house decades ago, it was on the house connected to the power grid.  If the community as a whole, all of Pepco customers had objected to and been successful against the coming changes, that would be one thing.  I think the people hired to change the meters were prepared to deal with people protesting the installation in a non-confrontational manner.

One neighbor here, a little paranoid, objected to the out-of-state license plates on the trucks in spite of the fact they were as Pepco had described 'that the trucks would be white and have labeling indicating Pepco and Scopes on them'.  I guess they forgot to mention the license plates.  I have seen others on the list objecting for whatever their reasons.  Someone emailed Pepco to find there was no opt out option, which is what I found on an internet search; what is next for those who refused the meters.  Will Pepco send those folks a letter and suggest they find another electrical supplier or go off the grid, and that their power supply will be shut off by a specified date.  Just wondering what the consequences for those declining Luddites will be.

Here is a photo of the Smart Meter being installed the Luddites are struggling to accept: