Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shuttle Program Cancelled During Bush Administration

More disinformation from the Republicans.  Love the ability to check facts on the internet.  Still it is amazing how many people buy into the propaganda. 

Let's be clear about who actually cancelled the Shuttle program.  See details at:

That Rick Perry is "all hat and no cattle".

Bottom line is there will be new space craft to come, but the US will be paying other countries for a ride into space for another 5 years.  And, young people will not grow up with an astronaut program to inspire them like previous generations.


Karen Schieck said...

Tony Schieck's take (It is a family affair, our interest in current events):

I think Perry's comment Is strictly political and ignorant. However, just saying Bush ended the shuttle program and that's all there is to it is equally shortsighted and uninformed. It is very complicated. Bush likely took the recommendation of the NASA head. Congress (public sentiment?) was losing interest. Some of the comments indicated that the planners were losing focus and having differences as to where to go from here. It was a very expensive program and the US is hemorrhaging in debt. If Bush could decide to end it then Obama could decide to continue it, as he did extend 2 more missions. There were two disasters associated with this craft. It had not realized the original vision quite as well as hoped.

Karen Schieck said...

But I didn't say Bush ended it I said it was ended during the Bush Administration. However I agree with your comments. It is heathy for there to be sides to any discussion. I just don't like the way the Republicans blame Obama for everything wrong, including gas prices, in order to win the election. It is bad for the country!