Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dear Facebook Acquaintance

Dear FB acquaintance, you accuse me of commenting on everything, that shoe seems to fit you more than myself.  If you don’t agree, then what I say is rude and nasty?  Your words not mine.  I guess we have a different interpretation about the purpose of FB.  I don’t think I have friended 10 or 20 people.  Some how I have 252 friends….most have friended me.  I guess since you have 2490 friends you must have friended me so I could see all of your dog activities and beautiful photographs.  How many times have you seen me comment about your photographs?  Rarely.  Frankly, I just don’t have time.  

 Yesterday I was struck by the comments made, by breed experts, about the photograph of a brindle dog.  Some people have expressed concern about the fact that people comment favorably about photographs that do not represent the breed accurately, (as you mentioned in your remarks ) leaving a distorted impression of what the breed is supposed to be.  I saw another photo of a young dog today illustrating the same problem of overreach.  The viewer side of the dog shows great extension of the upper arm and well balanced rear movement, however, once again the opposite legs are crossing underneath the dog.  This is either incorrect or the dog is moving too fast (as some have pointed out).

The photograph in the original example shows overreach and a dog showing lack of neck on the move.  People of authority praised it.  Maybe, like one other commenter said, ‘you didn’t see it’.  Maybe, like one comment that was removed, ‘the photograph doesn’t represent the dog’.  The point is, if you can’t have a constructive, open discussion, about an image then what is this all about but self-promotion?  I would think at least some people are interested in an open dialogue about a given dog’s representation of the standard, not an artificial feel good comment moment. 

The other side of the coin is all of the behind your back criticism that so many engage in; or you flinching, as you describe, privately when you see a post on FB you think is incorrect.  I would rather have an open dialogue of what is correct across the board rather than the silence or hearsay.  As it stands, I know nothing about the dog--it’s sire and dam, the breeder, sex, or age.  All I see is a name and reported wins, which we all know don’t represent much, since judging is subjective and rarely free of politics.

You called me rude and what I said nasty, which is fine.  I can take the heat, and I am still in the kitchen.   The reality is you personally attacked me, because I called you out on your evaluation. 

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